The learning process of jacquard weaving

Finally i am able to try jacquard weaving. I am using TC-1 loom and it is amazing to see how it works. I am busy with making designs in Photoshop. These pictures are of my very first test.


Alice said...

Your jacquard work is wonderful! And with your interesting camera angles, you make the textiles look like landscapes, or contour maps. Congratulations on this happy beginning. I'm trying to guess what the structure is - taqueté perhaps?

neki desu said...

Wonderful, wonderful!
what a treat to be able to weave with a jac. loom!

neki desu

Kaisu said...

Thank you for comments Alice and Neki! Structure is just different satins with one weft. I am now learning more about designing for two wefts and so on! Thank you Alice for your wonderful book that you made! :)

And i agree Neki, it is a treat to be able to weave with a jacquard! It is awesome i can't wait to learn more!